The basic steps for finding out which version of Android you’re running, are the same on all devices. Depending on your specific version, things may look a little different though.

The end goal is to get to Apps > Settings > About

Many devices have a shortcut to get to Settings. Swipe down from the top of your screen, no matter which screen you’re on and you should see the Settings icon. Tap that to get right into the settings screen.

Android pull down menu

Alternatively you can tap the All Apps icon from the homescreen, then search for or scroll down to Settings.

Android - home screen - settings

Scroll down until you see About. You may see your version number there, or you may have to tap that.

Android - Settings - About


Then tap Software information.

Android - About - Software Information

This will show you the numbered version of the release you’re on.

Android version number


Android version names

In addition to numbered releases, Android also gives their releases cute, dessert-y names. Often you’ll see the version referred to only by name and not number, so to find the list of releases by name and number go here.

Alternate Method

Another way of identifying your device’s Android version, you can also visit this website:

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