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How to temporarily disable JavaScript in your browser

Disable JavaScript in Chrome Right-click on the page, choose InspectClick the Settings cog at the top right to open the Settings panelUnder Debugger, click Disable JavaScript.Reload the page Click the thumbnails for full size Disable JavaScript in Firefox Right click,...

/ April 6, 2021

Boost the WiFi Signal to Your Android Device

Many of us rely on our Android devices to complete essential daily tasks, so a poor or non-existent WiFi signal at the wrong time can be costly. Constant issues with WiFi connections could have you considering chucking your current Android...

/ November 5, 2020
Best VPN for Android 2019

Best Free VPN for Android (2019)

Most people think VPNs are only for corporate and home networks. But the truth is VPNs are equally essential for your Android phones as well because hackers can steal your personal information if they hack into your phone. That's definitely...

/ February 4, 2019

5 Tips to Create Better Presentations with Prezi

Prezi is a great tool for anyone who needs to create presentations that look good and are filled with functionality. However, many people who use this tool aren’t taking advantage of all the features Prezi has. Ready to up your...

/ February 2, 2019
Manage channels in slack

How to Manage Channels in Slack

Quick tips for managing Slack channels - delete, archive, and mute channels. Find new channels to join, leave others, make channels private and more.

/ October 27, 2018