Trello is great for making lists of tasks within the context of a larger project, but one thing that it lacks, for me, are real reminders. You can assign due dates in Trello, but there’s not a solid reminder system, so unless you’re on Trello all the time, it’s easy to be surprised by due dates and scramble to complete them

I like using Google Calendar for events and their notification system works for me, so I wanted to integrate the two systems.

As you can learn in this guide, it’s possible to use the Calendar power-up in Trello, to sync with Google Calendar.

That works quite well, but if you’ve used all your Power-Ups, or want a more immediate syncing, comes to the rescue. is a system for integrating many different apps with each other, similar to Zapier. This is just one of the many awesome things you can do with it.

You can use a free account for this.

  1. Create a bot - Create A Bot
  2. Click “untitled bot” to rename it to something useful - untitled bot
  3. Select Trigger App, then search for Trello and add it.
    Automate - trigger app
  4. A small window will pop up asking you to authenticate with your trello account. Follow the prompts to do that, it’s about 3 clicks.
  5. Next, select the Trigger event, in this case: Due Date Add/Updated on Card
  6. Input Fields > Board – choose the board that you want this bot to monitor for activity. You can make it more granular by choosing a specific List and card if you want. - create trigger
  7. Next you have to configure the action. Select Action App, search for Google Calendar and authenticate.
  8. Then choose Add Event and which calendar (if you have more than one) that the events should be added to
  9. In the next fields map to Google Calendar the information you want to pull in from Trello. By clicking the + sign in the field you’ll see what Trello data is available. Most of the fields are optional. - Google Calendar - Event Info
  10. Click Save
  11. Activate the bot on the next screen: - Activate bot
  12. Test Bot: if this is the first time creating a bot, you should definitely test it by performing the action
  13. To check on the health of your bot you can see the log

Now you have an awesome system for integrating your Trello due dates with Google Calendar – don’t miss another task deadline again!

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